<![CDATA[Ageless GlobeTravels - Thoughts on Traveling, Writing and Blogging]]>Sun, 13 Aug 2017 23:19:32 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Remember that Blogger's Block?   ]]>Mon, 15 Oct 2012 23:56:11 GMThttp://ssmeder.com/thoughts-on-traveling-writing-and-blogging/remember-that-bloggers-block Remember that Blogger’s Block I had before we left for France????????

Well, were back from France and an additional trip to Florida, but I’m still fighting writer’s block big time.  It seems that even though my mind races with so many ideas for great travel tales, when I sit down to the laptop they evaporate in a smoke of tiredness and A.D.D. 

I’m not checking my site stats in fear of what they will say about my long absence from writing and my heart races whenever I think about Alexa and Google ratings!  

I have miraculously found 50 errands that need to be attended to, painted our porch railings a stunning bright white (which they really needed!) and have spent hours making up to our cat (petting, playing, brushing) for leaving her for almost a month.   She really is loving this. 

The election……….. What more do I need to say.  If that isn’t a writing killer, I don’t know what is! 

Video Golf……… a terrible addiction, which I try to avoid on writing days, but which I am now finding lots of time for, challenging my husband to round after round at our favorite watering hole.  Very  sad direction indeed.

In order to save myself from complete disconnection though, I am spending this afternoon on the internet reading every article on Blogger’s and Writer’s block in hopes that something will spur me into a frenzy of article and blog creation, so this blurt, this whiney slog of words will hopefully provide the momentum I need to get off my butt and cramp down on avoidance of the very thing that I know will bring the most amazing pleasure and excitement……. Telling you what happened while we fought crowds in Paris, sipped wine in the Loire and climbed endless winding stairs in over a dozen Chateaux. 

I think I might be beginning to feel it!  That urge to share those amazing experiences and the beautiful photos we took along the way.  Let’s hope I can propel this into actually writing because France in September is a wonder that you should definitely hear about!  

Wish me luck!    This procrastination had got to end!  

<![CDATA[Blogger's Block! ]]>Wed, 05 Sep 2012 17:23:40 GMThttp://ssmeder.com/thoughts-on-traveling-writing-and-blogging/bloggers-blockThis was my morning.  Think about blogging. Wash the Dishes.  Think about my stats.  Make the bed,.  Feel guilty about not checking my email.  Play with the cat, run errands....... anything to avoid blogging or worse checking my stats and email!

We all get to this point at one time or another a few times a year.  I'm there now.  My brain is performing a much needed intervention.  STEP AWAY FROM THE BLOG!!!!!  

I have found that if I don't take the much needed break every now and then, I just run out of words.  Lots of ideas still there, but no will to type the words.  So, I'm laying low this week, letting my mind free to enjoy piddling around. 

France trip is coming right up and I know that means late nights with my laptop and a glass of wine, my husband snoring nearby enjoying the bliss of the soft duvet.  As I write this little introspective note, I realize THAT is why my mind rebelled this week!  As much as I love my work traveling and writing, sometimes I dread that image.  Me tired and working, Jim sleeping. 

Oh well, back to avoiding the blog!   Cheers! 

<![CDATA[Migrations.......]]>Fri, 24 Aug 2012 15:14:44 GMThttp://ssmeder.com/thoughts-on-traveling-writing-and-blogging/migrationsJust a note to let you all know that we will be migrating the site from a more web-page oriented format to primarily blog format, so please forgive what may appear to be temporarily a confusing web-site! 
<![CDATA[Schizophrenic Website!]]>Sun, 05 Aug 2012 21:10:04 GMThttp://ssmeder.com/thoughts-on-traveling-writing-and-blogging/schizophrenic-websiteI am beggining to feel my website is a little schizophrenic lately!   Is it a Blog? E-zine? Should I be doing in-depth articles? Reviews?  When will I have time to upload really good photos?    UGGGG!    It seems I'm currently neither here nor there but I'll continue to push on.  Maybe someday it will become clear to me. Travel love keeps me going! 
<![CDATA[To Write or Not to Write when Visiting Family]]>Thu, 19 Jul 2012 15:48:40 GMThttp://ssmeder.com/thoughts-on-traveling-writing-and-blogging/to-write-or-not-to-write-when-visiting-familyI visited my family in Los Angeles last week.......

I struggled with whether I should be writing about the amazing city where I grew up and learned to love art and history and exploring other cultures.

But I also just wanted to hang out with my family and really be in the moment with them.  I don't know about other bloggers, but when I'm writing or intending to write about a place it's seems all of a sudden I have a telescopic lens between myself and wherever I am and no matter how hard I try to really experience the place and people, there is the little observer on my shoulder evaluating everything. 

So I decided to relax and give my little evaluator the week off....... and it was so great!   I just let all those feelings, family love and laughter wash over me.  Hung out at the family home.  I breathed the dry eucalyptus smell that I have continually miss as I lead my life in the Eastern U.S. and rested at night with cool breeze drifting through open windows.  I walked around my parent's neighborhood with my mom and grand-daughter showing her where I trick-or-treated decades ago.  The same riot of California architecture, mostly Spanish Colonial or Tudor with the famous Southern California roses, bougainvillea, birds of paradise, orange and avocado trees........

It was a great week full of sweet family ties.  No need to write.  Maybe later.